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HEXA HALAL Lamb Seasoning 170g + HEXA Beef Seasoning 180g + HEXA Chicken Seasoning 250g
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Product: HEXA Lamb Seasoning 170g


Exceptionally tasty lamb comes from using a great lamb rub like this flavorful mix! HEXA lamb seasoning combines flavorful herbs and spices that is typically used to marinate lamb, rub it on before cooking, or sprinkle it on cooked lamb. Lamb is very succulent meat that can be absolutely delicious when prepared with our herby seasoning and then smoked to perfection. Your meat will be melt-in-the-mouth incredible with a buttery and herby taste that pairs perfectly with side dishes like mushroom soup and mashed potatoes.

Lamb seasoning can also be used to flavor other dishes, such as:

  • Roasted vegetables: Sprinkle lamb seasoning on roasted vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, or Brussels sprouts.
  • Salads: Add a sprinkle of lamb seasoning to salads for a flavorful and aromatic touch.
  • Soups: Add a pinch of lamb seasoning to soups for a boost of flavor.




Takes your steak dinner recipe to the next level! We all know that a good grilled steak starts with a good dry rub — and HEXA Beef seasoning is the absolute best that takes just a minute to whip up and uses simple spices! Sweet, salty, and spicy mixed with the perfect balance to elevate the flavor but not overpowers any steak! It is flavorful and holds up well to the bold flavor of beef which you can also use to flavor gravy, soup, stews, vegetables, and any other dishes that need a kick of strong meat flavor.



  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • HACCP certified.
  • HALAL certified.


Good food leads to a good mood.

We're here to fill your life with an exotic taste that you may not find easily anywhere else. Cook the kind of food that everyone remembers. Brimming with flavor and life, easy to cook. It can only be found in Ebaza.



Sprinkle the steak seasoning on the steak. Rub into the meat and marinade for 10-20mins before pan frying or placing on the grill. You will love how it tastes.


Suggested Use

  • Burger
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Seafood
  • Vegetables

Onion, Chili, MSG, Pepper, Salt, Garlic, Yeast Extract, Coriander, Anticaking, Cumin

Keep in a clean, dry, and cool place. Better to keep it in the fridge once open.




Chicken seasoning is a savory, flavorful, and spicy blend of ingredients. It provides a complex yet delicious flavor to the chicken dish. The seasoning blend lends itself well to both grilled and baked chicken. Sprinkle your seasoning generously on your chicken as you cook. Whether you roast in the oven, grill, air-fry, or fry. It’s a great addition to your spice rack and you can use it for numerous dishes like fried fish, baked potatoes, popcorn, and fries or as a seasoning addition to a soup recipe. It also enhances the umami taste for different types of applications.



  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • HACCP certified.
  • HALAL certified.

Good food leads to a good mood.

We're here to fill your life with an exotic taste which you may not find easily anywhere else. Cook the kind of food that everyone remembers. Brimming with flavour and life, easy to cook. It can only be found in Ebaza.


Chicken powder has extremely broad applications. Perfect for use in is an ideal marinade, seasoning, and soup base for meat, seafood, vegetables, hot pot dishes, noodles, pasta, chicken-flavored rice, and cream sauces etc. Use it in cooking to make the food delicious and nutritious.

Suggested Use

  • Marinade for chicken
  • Soup, stews, gravy
  • Hot pot dishes
  • Stir fried dishes
  • Chicken rice

Salt, Rice,Flour, Yeast Extract, Paprika, Onion, Herbs, Roasted Chicken Flavor, Anticaking, Garlic, Nutmeg.


Keep in a clean, dry and cool place. Better to keep in the fridge once open.


While Ebaza endeavors to ensure the correctness of its product images and information, sometimes minor changes about the packaging and/or ingredients may be a pending update on Though items may seldom happen to ship with alternate packaging, the freshness of the products is always guaranteed. We recommend that you check Hexa Food’s YouTube channel “” or Instagram page

“” for easy and convenient video recipes.   

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We manufacture a wide range of products such as Spices, Seasonings, Marinates, Herbs, Flour & Curry Powder. Our current sales channels include Retail (hypermarket, supermarket, mini market, etc), Food Service, and Online too. Any questions regarding our products, you can email us at 

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产品:HEXA清真羊肉调味料 170克 + HEXA牛肉调味料 180克 + HEXA鸡肉调味料 250克


产品:HEXA清真羊肉调味料 170克





  • 烤蔬菜:在烤蔬菜上撒上羊肉调味料,如土豆、胡萝卜或球芽甘蓝。
  • 沙拉:在沙拉上撒上羊肉调味料,增添美味和芬芳的味道。
  • 汤:在汤中加入一撮羊肉调味料,增强风味。


产品:HEXA牛肉调味料 180克


将您的牛排晚餐食谱提升到新的水平!我们都知道,一块好的烤牛排始于一种好的干燥搽料 - 而HEXA牛肉调味料绝对是在一分钟内就能搅拌好并使用简单香料的最佳选择!甜、咸、辣混合得恰到好处,提升了风味但不会压倒任何牛排的味道!它的味道浓郁,可以很好地搭配牛肉的浓烈风味,您还可以用它来为肉汁、汤、炖菜、蔬菜和其他需要浓烈肉味的菜肴调味。



  • 100%天然成分。
  • HACCP认证。
  • 清真认证。









  • 汉堡
  • 鸡肉
  • 火鸡肉
  • 海鲜
  • 蔬菜








产品:HEXA鸡肉调味料 250克





  • 100%天然成分。
  • HACCP认证。
  • 清真认证。









肉腌料 汤、炖菜、肉汁 火锅菜肴 炒菜 鸡肉饭









虽然Ebaza努力确保其产品图片和信息的正确性,但有时包装和/或成分方面的细微变化可能是即将更新的信息。尽管商品可能偶尔以替代包装发货,但产品的新鲜度始终得到保证。我们建议您查看Hexa Food的YouTube频道“”或Instagram页面“”以获取简便易行的视频食谱。



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您可以访问我们的网站,或了解一个简短的故事。 我们公司成立于1997年。从最初手动机械的简陋设置到如今完全自动化的研磨和包装机械的使用,以满足我们不断增长的业务需求。我们的目标是使“Krisanya”和“HEXA”成为定义质量、价格实惠和口味的家喻户晓的品牌。

我们生产各种产品,如香料、调味料、腌制品、香草、面粉和咖啡粉。我们目前的销售渠道包括零售(超市、杂货店、便利店等)、食品服务和在线销售。有关我们产品的任何问题,您可以通过电子邮件发送至。 就是这样!

我们的新加坡在线商店提供各种调味料混合和正宗的印度香料。在我们的新加坡香料混合在线商店购买最高质量的香草、混合香料和所有令人惊叹的风味。从最好的亚洲香料店之一购买您最喜欢的调味料混合。查看我们的博客和 YouTube 频道,找到使用塔科肉调味料混合、汉堡调味料、炸鸡调味料和素食调味预拌制作各种美食的食谱,为食物增添美味和香气。让我们从厨房的香料架上挑选出最好的调味品,一起做一顿美味的饭菜。Bon Appétit!


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2 reviews
What's in the box

HEXA HALAL Lamb Seasoning 170g + HEXA Beef Seasoning 180g + HEXA Chicken Seasoning 250g

Customer Reviews

Saya dah cuba pada minuman dan masakan. Saya suka rasanya, tidak meninggalkan rasa pahit. Kecil dan mudah di bawa kemana-mana sahaja

23 July 2024

Senang kerja nak buat Sate, hanya perlu tuang pada daging dan perap jer. Rasa pun dah cukup lengkap tanpa perlu ditambah rempah lain lagi

3 July 2024

Fitplus Breakfast Oat Mix pulak memang fevret akak sebab dah lengkap dengan oat, nuts, buah kering n susu. Sedappp

8 May 2024

Ceylon cinnamon sticks tu memang lain dr kayu manis biasa. Wangi dan lebih nipis. Baunya tak terlalu kuat, manis manis je.

7 May 2024

Small package tu best 
Sebab boleh masuk dlm handbag
Senang bawak g mana2 
Beli air without sugar blh add on snd 
Lebih sihat lebih mudah

6 May 2024

Kita suka la breakfast oatmix tu. Mudah buat pancake guna oatmix tu sebab semua ada dlm tu. Cepat kenyang dan sihat. Hope hexa blh keluarkan oatmix flour premix pula

6 May 2024

Rempah Nasi Daging ni sedap, tak payah banyak bahan dah. Tumis bawang putih dengan merah dah cukup.
Lepas ni menu Nasi Daging masuk dalam list menu untuk Hari Raya Korban.
Tambah pulak dengan air asam dan ulam.
Tak berhenti makan.
Kalau diet memang best menu ni. Lengkap dah.

30 April 2024

Rempah Nasi Arab Beriani tu mmg sedap. Secukup rasa. Xperlu tambah rempah lain dah. Nak buat Nasi Beriani boleh, Nak buat Nasi Arab pun boleh.

24 April 2024

Rempah Nasi Daging terbaekk..

23 April 2024

Erymaze glass jar ni best boleh dibawa ke mana-mana. Kalau pergi kedai nak minum, order air tak payah minta gula. Sebab saya bawa sendiri pemanis Erymaze.

23 April 2024

Terima kasih Hexa, kita dah PRO masak Nasi Arab, Beriani, & Mandi wink

5 April 2024

Suka rasa dia mcm milk tea taiwan 
Lebih sedap mix dgn pearl or cincau

14 March 2024

Sy suka gila la gula ni
Sbb berlemak letak dlm air mahupun masakan

Hope hexa buat yg pek besar pula lepas ni

14 March 2024

Muz thai tea tu pun sedap giler bg akak terasa tea orignal thai tu..

8 March 2024

Kudapan yg sihat dan sedap, sesuai utk anak2 yg kurang suka mkn sayuran

5 March 2024

Sdp rasa gula kelapa ni, blh letak dlm dessert atau lauk pauk.. rasa lemak manis tu mmg terbaik

4 March 2024

MUZ Thai Tea sedap. Rasa pure thai tea & vanilla. Wangi & kurang manis

1 March 2024

rasa light teh susu yg sedap, tak terlalu berlemak.. rasa tak muak

29 February 2024

Alhamdulillah akak suka sangat2 rasa ayam dr chicken seasoning ni.. cukup semua rasa klu goreng sayur akak cuma letak ni je tak payah campur perisa lain2 dah.. terbaik.. masak sup pun sedap yes

28 February 2024

Beef paling sesuai dengan kitaorang, sebab beef tu ada rasa curry dan lebih pedas sedikit. Rasanya beef seasoning tu apa2 protein pun sesuai untuk perapan. Lagi sedaplah.

14 February 2024