Ready to cook Murukku set
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HEXA Murukku Set
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Complete set to make Deepavali Murukku!

1. 500g Hexa Murukku Flour #Original (Ajwain + Corn Starch + Cumin + Salt + Roasted Dhall Flour & Roasted Rice Flour)

2. 500g Hexa Murukku Flour #Spicy

3. 25g Mixed Spices (Ajwain Seed + White Sesame Seed) x2

4. Murukku Mould

Product: Hexa Murukku Set


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Murukku Recipe


Ingredients Of Murukku: 

1. 500g Hexa Murukku Flour - Original/Spicy (Ajwain + Corn Starch + Cumin + Salt + Roasted Dhall Flour & Roasted Rice Flour)
2. 30g Mixed Spices (Ajwain Seed + White Sesame Seed)
3. 200ml Coconut Milk 
4. 300ml Water
5. 2 tsp Butter


How to make Murukku:

1. Mix all the Murukku ingredients and knead into a firm dough.
2. Heat the oil till a drop of dough thrown in comes up at once.
3. Press out round murukkus by using the mold. 
4. Put it into the hot oil.
5. Fry till they're light brown and crisp on both sides. Take them out after 2min if the temperature is adjusted between 160°C and 180° C.
6. Cool and store in an airtight jar.

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For checking the Murukku recipe click on the link below:

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What's in the box

What you will get:

1. 500g Hexa Murukku Flour #Original (Ajwain + Corn Starch + Cumin + Salt + Roasted Dhall Flour & Roasted Rice Flour)

2. 500g Hexa Murukku Flour #Spicy

3. 25g Mixed Spices (Ajwain Seed + White Sesame Seed) x2

4. Murukku Mould

Customer Reviews

Saya merupakan penggemar Nasi Arab! Dengan adanya Gift Set ni, saya boleh masak di rumah bila2 masa dan ikut citarasa saya sendiri. Jimat pun jimat! Satu botol boleh guna 3/4 kali depends on sukatan yang kita guna juga lah.

2 October 2019

Nice bottle dan tak perlu cari bekas baru. Sangat memudahkan kerja2 memasak di dapur yes

30 September 2019

Bini mengidam nak nasi arab!
Nasib baik ada Al-Hexa .... heartheart

28 September 2019

So many recipe i can explore with this sets!

Thank you Ebaza cheekywink

28 September 2019

I try it before and it SUPER OWESOME!

1 August 2019

Tried it, pretty good

15 July 2019
Nadiah Aizie

Produk baru hexa Ayam Goreng Berempah sangat lazat. Anak2 sis pun suka sebab sedap diorg kata...

17 April 2019
Azah Zara

kalau buat sekali serdak2 lg best.. mksdnya ada lebihan serai atau lengkuas utk buat nampak serdak dan daun kari.. wahhh mesti lg syok.. hihi.. tp overall dah ok.. keep it up hexa

17 April 2019
Maria Aiman

Ayam Goreng Berempah sedap, cuma perlu mix dengan chili sedikit untuk rasa sedikit pedas n warna klau ada merah2 skit lg menarik!

17 April 2019

So far produk baru Ayam goreng berempah sangat sedap dan secukup rasa

17 April 2019

Waaaa..... sumpah sedapppp

17 April 2019

Sedap, memudahkan kerja, memang suka sangat!

17 April 2019

Rempah Ayam Goreng Berempah nie best lah.. senang dan yg penting rasanye sdp.. terasa semua bahan2..

17 April 2019
Vivian Tan

The service was satisfying. We have received the Caviar tin in a small box covered with small Ice pouch. This is my very time trying Caviar so I cannot comment much on the product quality but the taste to me and my husband was very fresh. It was a surprise for my husband as he's told me before he likes to try Caviar.

12 April 2019

My mandy ayam was not as good as the one I tried in Arabic Restaurant but my Hubby loved it. :P

18 March 2019

So easy to cook Beriani rice with this Hexa spice.

18 March 2019

Everyday i cook using this 4in1 sets

1 February 2019

In love dengan this sets! cuma bau jalapeno sangat menusuk.

1 February 2019

Cuba sekali, pasti repeat lagi!

1 February 2019