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HEXA Salted Egg Sauce Powder Premix 80gm
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Brand Hexa Food
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Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a burst of flavor and culinary innovation! Introducing our exquisite Salted Egg Sauce Powder, the perfect addition to elevate your festive feasts this Chinese New Year. Unleash a symphony of savory goodness with the rich, velvety taste of salted egg seamlessly infused into your favorite dishes. Whether you're tossing it with traditional noodles, coating crispy snacks, or adding a luxurious touch to your Lunar New Year banquet, this premium powder brings the essence of celebration to every bite. Elevate your CNY spread with the gift of exceptional flavor and make this festive season an unforgettable culinary experience for family and friends.


Salted Egg Sauce is one of the most famous sauce dishes in the world no matter in Chinese cuisine, western cuisine, Japan cuisine etc. There are many several ways to serve with foods. It can be sauce, seasoning or dessert. For those who love Salted Egg. Let’s rock in HEXA Food.



  • Great to use for the batch as it gives a consistent taste and texture
  • Halal Certified and produced in a GMP & HAACP verified factory
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Consistent quality and supply


Good food leads to a good mood.

We're here to fill your life with an exotic taste which you may not find easily anywhere else. Cook the kind of food that everyone remembers. Brimming with flavor and life, easy to cook. It can only be found in Ebaza.


Suggested Use

Pre-heat 115g (4-5tbs) margarine until it melts, add 20-30 pcs curry leaves and cook for 2min. Add 80g HEXA Salted Egg Sauce Powder Premix. Stir & cook at low flame for 2-3 minutes until creamy.

You may also use HEXA Salted Egg Sauce Powder Premix as a seasoning and only sprinkle it on your desired snack.


HEXA Salted Egg Sauce is extremely tasty and versatile, you can use it for:

  • Fried Prawns
  • Fried Chicken
  • Fish Fillet
  • Fish Skin
  • Chips
  • Pastry
  • Filling



Egg Yolk Powder, Maltodextrin, Non-Dairy Creamer [Vegetable Fat, Glucose, Syrup, Solids, Milk Protein, Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Anticaking agent, Antioxidant from soy], Yeast Extract, Salt.



Keep in a clean, dry and cool place. After opening, keep in the fridge.



While Ebaza endeavors to ensure the correctness of its product images and information, sometimes minor changes about the packaging and/or ingredients may be a pending update on Though items may seldom happen to ship with alternate packaging, the freshness of the products is always guaranteed.

We recommend that you check Hexa Food’s YouTube channel “” or Instagram page “” for easy and convenient video recipes.  


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Our company was established in 1997. From a humble setup of manual types of machinery, today fully automated grinding and packaging types of machinery are used to meet our growing business demands.

It is our goal to make "Krisanya" & "HEXA" household brands that define Quality, Affordability, and Taste.


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For checking the Salted egg sauce recipe click on the link below:


HEXA 咸蛋酱粉预拌装 80 克 




  • 咸蛋酱是全球最著名的酱料之一,无论是在中餐、西餐、日本料理等领域都备受推崇。有多种方式可供搭配食物,可以作为酱汁、调味料或甜点。对于喜爱咸蛋的人来说,让我们在HEXA食品中尽情领略其魅力。
  • 适用于批量烹饪,可为菜品提供一致的口感和味道
  • 清真认证,生产于GMP和HAACP认证的工厂
  • 100%天然成分
  • 保持一致的质量和供应。




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  • 将115克(4-5汤匙)植物黄油加热至融化,加入20-30片咖喱叶,炒2分钟。加入80克HEXA咸蛋酱粉预拌装。搅拌并用小火烹饪2-3分钟,直至变得奶油状。
  • 您还可以将HEXA咸蛋酱粉预拌装用作调味料,只需撒在您喜欢的小吃上。


  • 炸虾
  • 炸鸡
  • 鱼片
  • 鱼皮
  • 薯片
  • 糕点
  • 馅料



蛋黄粉,麦芽糊精,非乳制奶粉 [植物脂肪,葡萄糖浆固体,乳蛋白,乳化剂,稳定剂,防结块剂,大豆抗氧化剂],酵母提取物,盐。








我们建议您查看Hexa Food的YouTube频道“”




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1 reviews
What's in the box

80g of Salted Egg Premix Powder

Customer Reviews

Terima kasih Hexa, kita dah PRO masak Nasi Arab, Beriani, & Mandi wink

5 April 2024

Suka rasa dia mcm milk tea taiwan 
Lebih sedap mix dgn pearl or cincau

14 March 2024

Sy suka gila la gula ni
Sbb berlemak letak dlm air mahupun masakan

Hope hexa buat yg pek besar pula lepas ni

14 March 2024

Muz thai tea tu pun sedap giler bg akak terasa tea orignal thai tu..

8 March 2024

Kudapan yg sihat dan sedap, sesuai utk anak2 yg kurang suka mkn sayuran

5 March 2024

Sdp rasa gula kelapa ni, blh letak dlm dessert atau lauk pauk.. rasa lemak manis tu mmg terbaik

4 March 2024

MUZ Thai Tea sedap. Rasa pure thai tea & vanilla. Wangi & kurang manis

1 March 2024

rasa light teh susu yg sedap, tak terlalu berlemak.. rasa tak muak

29 February 2024

Alhamdulillah akak suka sangat2 rasa ayam dr chicken seasoning ni.. cukup semua rasa klu goreng sayur akak cuma letak ni je tak payah campur perisa lain2 dah.. terbaik.. masak sup pun sedap yes

28 February 2024

Beef paling sesuai dengan kitaorang, sebab beef tu ada rasa curry dan lebih pedas sedikit. Rasanya beef seasoning tu apa2 protein pun sesuai untuk perapan. Lagi sedaplah.

14 February 2024

sedap, kenyal. Makan sejuk sejuk, nikmat. Kurang manis tapi sedap.

13 February 2024

sedap. Terasa bahan bahan perapan dia. Membangkit kan rasa umami ayam dlm masakan wink

13 February 2024

senang nk guna utk lamb grill, tak perlu tambah apa2 sebab dah cukup segala rasa .. memang sedap dan berbaloi wink

8 February 2024

boleh tambahkan dlm apa jua masakan yg menggunakan ayam , dpt menyerlahkan lg rasa ayam dan bertambah sedap

7 February 2024

Untuk lamb n chicken. Kami suka both untuk perap ayam dan lamb. Kids suka ada rasa manis so just add on honey. Next time nak cuba mix dengan yogurt untuk perap.

6 February 2024

sesuai utk buat dessert / minuman.. rasa mmg fresh

6 February 2024

Coco jelly ni akk buat dessert.. bandung jelly ball dgn coco jelly.. Alhamdulillah, anak2 suka .. makan sejuk2 sgt best

5 February 2024

Taste: Hexa is a good brand so I know the seasoning will definitely delicious

I think it is worth buying given the price and the weight of the seasoning. At first I thought it will be a small bottle, surprisingly for 170 gm it is is quite a lot. Suitable for bbq because it makes your life much more easier without doing everything from scratch

9 January 2024

Rasa macam nak buat Glazed Lamb Chop, terbayang2, rasa tak sabar nak buat.

5 January 2024
Anie Haziani

Setiap masakan yang menggunakan rempah2 Hexa, sentiasa menghasilkan rasa yang sangat sedap termasuklah Hexa Lamb Seasoning ni.

3 January 2024